Video: UC Davis Student Hurt By Pepper Spray Leads Peaceful Public Shaming Of School Chancellor

UC Davis student mobilizes 1,000 of his fellow students in a collective shaming of the chancellor.

I’ve seen a lot of amazing things since the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement. I’ve met Occupy DC members who staged a courageous protest of the student lender Sallie Mae, I’ve met former real estate brokers who now hate the finance industry and are active members of Occupy Las Vegas, and I’ve met occupiers in Nashville who are consciously creating a new form of Southern populism, inspired by MLK and Wikileaks.

But the action by about one thousand UC Davis students tonight, at a central building on campus called “Surge III,” takes the cake as the most stunning activism I’ve been fortunate enough to witness.

After the outrage of the Friday pepper spray attack by UC Davis police, who were acting on orders from the UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi, a press conference was called this afternoon. I listened to the call, and heard Katehi claim that she was acting in the best “health” interests of the students. I heard her dismiss the calls by faculty for her resignation as “blog” talk. But then I witnessed the students amassing outside the press conference, demanding a voice in the matter.

What transpired was awe-inspiring. I wrote up an account and you can read it here. I just posted a new extended video, of a young man who was among the kids affected by pepper spray on Friday, and it shows him leading the 1,000-strong Davis students in an incredibly disciplined, surprisingly restrained, collective shaming of the chancellor as she walked to her car. There was no intimidation or ‘hostage taking,’ as I understand some in the Sacramento media are portraying it — not to be cliche, but it was pure nonviolent people power.

Watch below:

For a look at my coverage of the UC Davis pepper spraying scandal:

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25 responses to “Video: UC Davis Student Hurt By Pepper Spray Leads Peaceful Public Shaming Of School Chancellor

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  2. Pricknick

    Nothing better than a perp walk.

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  5. tawal

    Gallows at the end of that trail. Traitor to the human race.

  6. Lisa Condie

    “Non-violent people power”…exhibited by students teaching their elders. Thank you for posting this stunning piece of film.

    • brandon has a 70 year old in his circle.
      I was 21 in 1962.

      I say: My elders haven’t learned what the protesters of the 60’s were teaching. They are more about medical care than freedom.
      Getting the Grand Kids into A GOOD College creates inequality.

  7. Raymond Lutz

    Following BoingBoing link, I’m here and want to thank you all (from Québec, Canada). This is so beautiful and inspiring… I was wondering last days about the necessity (or not) of violence in “successful” activism. This is a precious data point.

    The look in her eyes tells everything.

    You’re writing history, keep up.

  8. Songbird

    The Chancellor must resign!

  9. rastamick

    This is the standard to which all occupations should be held. Nothing less than awe inspiring. MLK, Ghandi and Thoreau are standing among you. Words fall short in praise of this truly revolutionary and ingenious action. Bless you all. Solidarity and Sanity.

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  12. Alastair

    Gassing of millions was standard in Nazi Germany…shame on any police officer who believes it was right to spray these protestors…

  13. jon

    Similar police brutality at Berkeley – they used billy clubs instead of gas. Seems like it is more widespread than just Davis.
    They must feel incredibly threatened.

  14. ZZZIpy

    Time to discern on where we spend our money.
    For corporations that oppress us and use profits from our dollars to lobby against us? Stop drinking Coke, Pepsi and start drinkingorganic sodas and beverages. Do your research.
    Threaten to Withhold tuition for next semester– ???

  15. Organicly Grown

    The power in where you spend your dollars is unbelievable. ZZZIpy has it exactly right. Take out a little time and see how you can change the foods you buy, the toilet paper, the cleaning supplies under your sink. If you stop buying from the major food corporations, it will help our situation in so many ways.

    It might be hard at first. I know many stores don’t have a lot of options, but as you flex that buying power, those stores will start stocking what people are buying. Right now, they tell us what to buy. Make informed, sustainable choices, and the merchants will not be able to ignore the trend. You will start to see better choices on the shelves.

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  17. ccsummer

    So much more powerful than anything else the students could have done. A true walk of shame. Thank you for this inspiring video. I look forward to following you.

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  19. Momo Diane

    I am in awe of the non-violent ,innovative collective silence implemented in this action. It is so powerful in that it goes beyond using our voices. I applaud it and sense it has raised the level of awareness in the movement.

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