UC Davis Police Placed On Leave, Students Allege Cop Bragged About ‘Spraying’ Nonviolent Kids

Students after the first round of pepper spray at UC Davis

This just in from KCBS News: “Two UC Davis police officers have been placed on administrative leave following their use of pepper spray in Friday’s arrest of protesters.”

Meanwhile, new reports are flooding in about the pepper spray attack on Friday. UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike — who earns $116,454 as base pay, meaning his overtime work attacking students probably provided a nice Thanksgiving bonus for him — apparently bragged about his pepper spraying attack before hitting students in the face with military-grade stuff. BoingBoing interviewed one student familiar with the event:

W. tells Boing Boing that Pike sprayed them at close range with military-grade pepper spray, in a punitive manner. Pike knew the students by name from Thursday night when they “occupied” a campus plaza. The students offered Pike food and coffee and chatted with him and other officers while setting up tents. On Friday, UC Davis chancellor Linda Katehi told students they had to remove their #OWS tents for unspecified “health and safety” reasons.

“Move or we’re going to shoot you,” Pike is reported to have yelled at one student right before delivering pepper spray. Then, turning to his fellow officers and brandishing the can in the air, “Don’t worry, I’m going to spray these kids down.”

Last night, I spoke to another student who was hit directly in the face with Pike’s pepper spray. She told me that after the incident, no one from the police department of campus administration offered medical or any other type of help:

View Shanon’s interview with The Second Alarm below:

SHANON: I dropped my lower cover on accident and inhaled the pepper spray right as they had sprayed it and got it back up but it was already in my lungs. Once it settled in my lungs I started to have an asthma attack. It was all over my hands and I accidentally touched my face and that just made everything worse. They had us rinse with solutions. One of them was water, pepto bismol and baking soda.

ME: Who had you do that?

SHANON: Some of the people who were part of the chain and part of the bystanders had a solution. The firefighters had a different solution they had me use for my eye and for my hands. And then they had me go see the EMTs who transported me to the emergency room because of my asthma attack.

ME: Have you spoken to the chancellor or the people in the police department?

SHANON: No I have not. That’s one of the reason I came here today. I wanted the chancellor to know what actually happened because the e-mail we got last night was not accurate–

ME: Did they contact you at all? […] Just at any point, did anyone from the administration reach out?

SHANON: The administration didn’t contact me at all. The only people I saw were my friends and the people who, the EMTs and the people who helped me out. […]


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5 responses to “UC Davis Police Placed On Leave, Students Allege Cop Bragged About ‘Spraying’ Nonviolent Kids

  1. Grant

    This is really sad to see, a breakdown of trust between police and students. UC police are there to protect UC students from, not initiate, harm. Trust is developed over a long period and broken in an instant, and it just was. Officer Pike struts but is a mere pawn in this game. The UC Davis chancellor shows from her statements about ‘the police being surrounded with no option’, how out of touch with the situation she was. I am reminded of the magistrates watching at peterloo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peterloo_Massacre
    It’s clear the police were under no threat and that there was no need to use grievous force to remove protestors.
    The law needs to be applied equally.
    If we are to pepper spray folks for blocking egress then this needs to be applied equally to folks who park illegally on handicapped zones, fire lanes, and any other egress blocking.

  2. There is absolutely NO reason in the world for the officers to assault, batter, and brutalize the students whose fees pay their salaries. We, the taxpayers, do NOT subsidize state colleges so that their administrators, who are paid from OUR TAX DOLLARS, can brutalize OUR KIDS. As alumni/ae of these schools, we additionally support them out of our own pockets in addition to tax dollars and our children’s fees. The administration needs to ask itself how they expect to continue harvesting money from their alumni/ae if they’re subjecting them to chemical attacks for the privilege of protesting their incompetence, overinflated salaries, and failure to respond adequately and with intelligence and compassion to our chidren’s needs.

  3. xxx

    These actions are being coordinated by federal threat fusion centers. That means the Chancellor was “just following orders.”

    Demand her resignation, and demand that her replacement pledge to NEVER take orders from the feds with regards to how students are treated on campus.

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