Local News Claims UC Davis Students Wanted To ‘Verbally Confront’ Chancellor; Gets Corrected On Air

News Channel 3's Tom Duhain

The whole world is watching UC Davis — and I think its fair to say the whole world has gone from utter shock and disgust after viewing the brutal pepper spraying of young peaceful students on Friday, to utter amazement at the video (first captured by the The Second Alarm and posted here) of hundreds of zen-like Davis students peacefully shaming their chancellor after a tense press conference on campus yesterday. Some media, and I predict most right-wing media next week, have tried to spin the silent condemnation of UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi as some sort of “hostage” situation. That was never the case and the students have exercised incredible respect and maturity. Katehi and the police were trying to marginalize the students as loony, but it didn’t work.

Worse, it appears Sacramento News Channel 3 tried to spin the situation as an attempt by students to harass Katehi as she walked through a path of people waiting for her after the press conference. During live coverage of the situation yesterday, Channel 3 correspondent Tom DuHain said students were preparing a gauntlet to “verbally confront” the chancellor, who at the time was still waiting in the building. Luckily, a student — who later spoke to The Second Alarm — corrected DuHain on air. Despite being corrected by the student, who said they wanted to give her the silent treatment, not some type of verbal confrontation, DuHain continued to tell his listeners that the students were preparing a yelling match with Katehi:

HOST: Do they think they’re going to come out and answer their questions as a group?

DUHAIN: Um, no. Their expectation is if the chancellor leaves, she has to walk down the pathway that they’ve led, and they’re calling it a wall of shame. They would have a chance to verbally confront her. Nobody’s threatened any harm–

STUDENT: That is not true! That is not true what he’s saying right now.

DUHAIN: Okay, okay. Alright. We have people who want to control what is said here on behalf of their movement. But anyway, they’re looking for a chance to directly confront, verbally, the chancellor as she leaves.

STUDENT: Silence as she walks out!

DUHAIN: And so, that’s what they want.

Watch it:

I was there. I heard from students as they planned, and it was clear all along they wanted to give Katehi a silent shaming after she refused to leave the building and address the crowd. But don’t take my word for it, watch this video below of what actually happened and see if News Channel 3’s DuHain was accurately informing his audience:


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14 responses to “Local News Claims UC Davis Students Wanted To ‘Verbally Confront’ Chancellor; Gets Corrected On Air

  1. The “journalist” doesn’t ASK the protestors what they want, what they expect from the Chancellor. He doesn’t conduct an interview. He simply declares his presumptions to his colleague in the studio and then has the stones to declare that the protestor who corrects his spin “wants to control” what’s said here on behalf of his movement. Does anybody care that George Orwell is spinning in his grave?

  2. odypoly@gmail.com

    Keep up the great work! Kudos from a 2 x UC grad.

  3. So glad you’re still blogging, Lee…..keep up the great work!!

  4. @Tmack894

    A chancellor is trying to save her half million dollars a year job. No doubt she has friends in the press who will try to spin this situation her way. However, it won’t work.

  5. keith giles

    You should all be proud.
    Job well done!

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  7. Mason

    lol quit whining about being pepper sprayed you fucking pussies

    • You’re on the wrong forum bro. The jackboot supporting, purchase your own oppression, lay down while Wall Street fucks you in the ass without any lube and you thank them for being so gentle forum is called Foxnews.com.

  8. xxx

    corporate journalist scum = paid liar.

    the corporate journalist liars should be put in the same jail cell with the likes of Lt. Pike. they lie about the wars, they lie abut the police, they lie about everything and get nothing but paid.

    this subhuman sack of lying scum belongs in jail.

  9. Classic case of a reporter changing the story to fit his preconceived narrative.

  10. Ellen B

    What is this so-called journalist doing? Is he making a demo because he wants to get a job in Texas?

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