Audio: UC Davis Chancellor Katehi Dismisses Faculty Calls For Resignation

Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi scoffs at call for resignation.

Last night, about the time I first witnessed the video of the police spray attack Occupy Davis protesters, an assistant professor at UC Davis fired off a strong letter protesting what happened. Nathan Brown’s scathing letter, which can be found here, called for the resignation of Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi. The board of the Davis Faculty Association has chimed in with its own call for Katehi to step aside “immediately.”

Katehi, at press conference about an hour and a half ago, was asked by an Associated Press reporter about the growing chorus asking for her resignation. Kotehi said no because, in her estimation, she has done a great job protecting student safety. In addition, she can’t seem to distinguish between her faculty and a group of anonymous commenters on “the blogs”:

AP: Just wanted to see if the chancellor had any response to that, the faculty association said that basically the chancellor showed gross lack of leadership in even ordering police to moving in to remove the camp and calls for her immediate resignation.

KATEHI: Um, I have seen some of those requests on the blogs primarily. I don’t believe it is appropriate for me to resign at this point, really. I do not think I violated the policies of the institution. Matter of fact, I have personally worked very hard to make this campus a safe campus for all. It has been a number of weeks to try very hard, and up until Friday, very successfully trying to allow the students to demonstrate but with a peaceful outcome, always. While I do understand the frustration, then the unfortunate and really bad situation was created for our students on Friday, I don’t think that that by itself is, would lead me to a resignation.

The calls for resignation seem a bit larger than “the blogs.” Not only was the demand for Katehi’s resignation an official request by the Davis Faculty Association board, the official union rep., but I have a feeling “the alumni,” “the governor,” and the “Davis community” may have something to say soon.


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8 responses to “Audio: UC Davis Chancellor Katehi Dismisses Faculty Calls For Resignation

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  2. “While I do understand the frustration, then the unfortunate and really bad situation was created for our students on Friday, I don’t think that that by itself is, would lead me to a resignation.”

    “Created?” Created by whom?

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  4. Raven Rant

    She is quite fond of the passive voice. Things just happen, in a vacuum. Not as a result of her irresponsible, reactionary decision-making

  5. Failure to take responsibility is another “really bad situation that was created” that should lead to her resignation.

  6. Bill

    You know, back in the “old days” when an officer took “full responsibility” for such a colossal screw up as this, he would leave his sword on the Commandant’s desk. He would then return to his office, where he would find that some helpful soul had cleaned his service revolver for him, and left it on his desk. He indeed took full responsibility, for the “honor of the Regiment.” While I am not in any way advocating that anyone commit suicide, I wonder what has become of that sort of courage. Perhaps it only existed in the movies and books. Does anyone believe that the police officer involved will face any sort of disciplinary action after pepper spraying those unresisting demonstrators? Or his superiors? Even if the Dean of the University did give the order, he did not have to carry it out. There is such a thing as a moral conscience, even in this day and age.

  7. You are perpetuating Ms Katehi’s misattribution of the source of the call for her resignation by linking to bicyclebarricade dot wordpress dot com, which is, indeed, a “blog.”

    In fact, both Prof Brown’s open letter and the resignation demand from the Davis Faculty Association board can be found on the association’s own website, here:

  8. Carlotta4th

    I don’t care how hard she’s worked, and for how long. She sent riot police to break up a peaceful protest, and those police pepper sprayed students sitting peaceably on the ground. Those students suffered, but somehow managed to remain peaceful throughout the whole day, including the “walk of shame” she was given.

    She failed to protect students, and instead created the circumstances in which they were hurt. BADLY. I don’t want this woman to resign, I want her kicked out.

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