Breaking Video: UC Davis Chancellor Emerges From Press Conf., Tells Me She Didn’t Feel Threatened

Pepper sprayed UC Davis student addresses 1,000 other students, talks about his meeting with Katehi to end the standstill.

**UPDATE** Switched out low-quality video for better version. If you want to see the lower quality vid, see here.

**UPDATE2** Video of the inspiring young UC Davis student who was hit with pepper spray yesterday, then led the nonviolent public shaming of Katehi today, here.

**UPDATE3** Watch this video of a local news anchor claiming the students were somehow planning to shout-down the chancellor.

A pretty remarkable thing just happened. A press conference, scheduled for *4:00pm* between the UC Davis Chancellor and police with local press on campus, did not end in an hour, as planned. Instead, a mass of Occupy Davis students and sympathizers mobilized outside, demanding to have their voice heard. After some initial confusion, UC Chancellor Linda Katehi refused to leave the building, attempting to give the media the impression that the students were somehow holding her hostage.

A group of highly organized students formed a large gap for the chancellor to leave. They chanted “we are peaceful” and “just walk home,” but nothing changed for several hours. Eventually student representatives convinced the chancellor to leave after telling their fellow students to sit down and lock arms (around 7:00pm).

ME: Chancellor, do you still feel threatened by the students?


Watch it:

One of the students pepper sprayed yesterday by chemicals that blew into his mouth (he was standing near the students huddled on the ground), a young man wearing a brown down coat over a tie-dye shirt, said he met with Katehi and personally showed her a video of the pepper spraying attack. Speaking to about a thousand students with the “human mic,” the young man said he personally asked for her resignation.

**UPDATE** Switched out low-quality video for better version. If you want to see the lower quality vid, see here.

**UPDATE2** Video of the inspiring young UC Davis student who was hit with pepper spray yesterday, then led the nonviolent public shaming of Katehi today, here.

**UPDATE3** Watch this video of a local news anchor claiming the students were somehow planning to shout-down the chancellor.

A few commenters and people on Twitter have asked why the chancellor is at the center of this firestorm over the police pepper spraying. Chancellor Katehi approved of the police action (though specifics of what she ordered exactly are still a mystery), and ordered the UC Davis cops to evict the protesters, resulting in the heinous pepper spraying video now plastered everywhere on the web. She has not apologized to the students or worked to remedy the situation — for instance, one student who was pepper sprayed told me she still has health problems after the incident, and no one from the administration contacted her to see if she’s okay. Katehi’s refusal to condemn the police action has only made a bad situation worse.


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148 responses to “Breaking Video: UC Davis Chancellor Emerges From Press Conf., Tells Me She Didn’t Feel Threatened

    • David Khnom

      Logic and reasoning depart Chancellor…she says she is responsible, but does not take administrative leave as she has ordered the cops to do.
      Logic 101… Chancellor: F.

      • chrisbran

        Administrative leave? The two that did the spraying should be in criminal court. The police that stood by, allowed it to happen, and did not arrest after the obviously aggressive, and illegal act should be on administrative leave.

    • David Khnom

      Doctor Strangelove-itte…. Female Dr. Strangelove running “university.” You vill OBEY !

  1. tare

    I hope she resigns. It was her responsibility to provide students with a safe venue to exercise their right of peaceful assembly. Instead she invited the police who became the greatest threat. This isn’t acceptable. Proud of the peaceful students and confused by the Chancellor’s supposed fear of them.

  2. Starweaver

    please dont use the word standoff. Stand off denotes violence. Please use something like encounter. Someone could pick up your story and run with the word stand off.

    • Rob

      1. ( US ), ( Canadian ) the act or an instance of standing off or apart
      2. a deadlock or stalemate
      3. any situation or disposition of forces that counterbalances or neutralizes
      4. rugby short for stand-off half

      So… where does it say anything about violence?

      • joel

        Counterbalance of forces implies violence

      • Adam

        If you heard the word standoff yesterday, what image would you have thought of? It’s not the literal translation or definition of a word that gives it meaning to a reader, but what emotion or image it creates for the reader to understand the message better.

      • Ray H

        Words can have meaning beyond their definition.

      • jens holm


      • In middle-school English class, students are taught explicitly the difference between “denotation” and “connotation” regarding the definition of words. A dictionary definition (“denotation”) quite often does not include the sentiments the word/phrase “connotes.”

      • hurrrrr?

        language doesn’t control me!

        only religion,
        the flag,
        and sometimes my wife (and my underwater mortgage)

        i for one, salute our new jackbooted overlords,
        as proof that life (or some semblance there-of) into the 4th decade is possible with only a brainstem, and a six figure salary to boot!

        i bet Lt. Pike is in a union and has generous entitlements – last i heard, that was one step off from being a vile pinko – or worse – a community organizer!

      • Brandon

        It doesn’t matter what the “definition” of stand-off is. It’s connotations are negative.
        Don’t be a smart ass. He made a good point.

      • Flocculent

        you haven’t watch much rugby, have you?

    • Tom Destry

      At last! Something to genuinely remind me of the Sixties — a defensive, idiotic argument over semantics while Rome burns.

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  5. Chancellor Katehi agreed to speak with the GA at the planned protest on Monday, following Assembly rules:

  6. Pricknick

    Great reporting!
    Happy to pass on a perp walk.

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  8. ..--..-

    She will either resign or be forced to.

    • Kelly

      If she is it will be a travesty. One angry “cop” bullies the weak and the Chancellor is out of a job. This is not justice. She might be ultimately responsible for her “employees” but one fires or otherwise discipline an out of line employee, not the employer. She should be embarrassed, not ashamed.

      It sounds to me like some troublemakers or hotheads got the ear of the student body.

      If one really believes she is at fault through slipshod management then one sues.

      I do applaud the lack of violence. Some of the leaders were responsible people.

      • Nawahine

        She needs to resign, she never engaged her student body & faculty to even ask what their concerns were and why they were demonstrating. She never attended a single meeting the students held or walked on her own campus to listen…..
        She ordered the increased police presence on campus….then made excuses for their attack…. resign now…

  9. the look on the chancellor’s face as she emerges= walk of shame.

  10. Andrew

    I can’t believe no one did anything – that no one said anything that they let that fat cop do that. They stood they watched they took photos. I cant imagine that happening anywhere else. Its the most shocking thing Ive seen to be frank in terms of police on crowd violence.

    • m

      you’re kidding right? what did you expect for anyone watching to do? jump the fat cop and what? get peppersprayed, pushed down to the ground, arrested for assaulting an officer? It was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration and taking physical action against the officer would have caused more violence. if you watched the video or if you were there you would have heard people screaming for them to stop it. that’s all they could really do at that point.

      • Andrew, that is what gives them credibility. That nonaction in the face of authority. Read your Thoreau, man.

        “Thus the State never intentionally confronts a man’s sense, intellectual or moral, but only his body, his senses. It is not armed with superior wit or honesty, but with superior physical strength. I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest. What force has a multitude? They only can force me who obey a higher law than I. They force me to become like themselves. I do not hear of men being forced to have this way or that by masses of men.”

      • apciv

        Great sentiments and I love Thoreau. But how many brawls with the cops did ol’ Henry got into? In any case isn’t that quote claiming the superiority of the one who recognizes higher law, rather than advocating physical resistance?

      • Why didn’t some of his fellow officers stop him? They are ALL complicit and should be arrested and sued jointly and severally in civil court for violation of Constitutional rights, assault with intent to cause bodily harm, conspiracy to commit assault and whatever other charges can be proven from the pictures.

      • Kelly

        Finally, some common sense

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  12. Wendy Copeland

    Hope her life andLt. Pike’s are a misery from now on. Sorry.

    • Joe

      How about just hoping that they both realize they’re on the wrong side of this struggle and work to remedy that.

      Demanding punishment produces quick satisfaction, but not much else.

      • woah woah

        lets not get all ghandi now and take non-violent protest seriously now

        one wouldn’t want to actually win, of course..

        kids should be reading up about infiltration of organizations and cointelpro ops ala hoover – is there an app for them? oh that new movie is out..

      • Nawahine

        it would be demanding justice not punishment. Justice is a key component of reconciliation….. Demand justice…. the chancellor needs to resign immediately without benefits of retirement never to work in an academic setting again and the police officer Pike needs to be fired without retirement benefits…. This is key to stopping theses kinds of assaults… consequences need to be metered out to draw a clear boundary and victims of the brutality need to know justice is still real in our country others who would abuse their power also need to know consequences are part of the choices they make and they will think long and hard next time they make frivolous choices regarding the safety and well being of those they are sworn to defend and protect.

      • Nawahine

        it would be demanding justice not punishment. Justice is a key component of reconciliation….. Demand justice…. the chancellor needs to resign immediately without benefits of retirement never to work in an academic setting again and the police officer Pike needs to be fired without retirement benefits…. This is key to stopping theses kinds of assaults… consequences need to be metered out to draw a clear boundary and victims of the brutality need to know justice is still real in our country others who would abuse their power also need to know consequences are part of the choices they make and they will think long and hard next time they make frivolous choices regarding the safety and well being of those they are sworn to defend and protect.

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  19. Excellent. “Shunning” used to be a powerful tool of the community – it should come back.

    • Nawahine

      yes it was profound…. as was the way they chanted the police off their campus following the violence they are amazing young people

  20. aunt em

    I don’t know why she approved of the police violence, I don’t know if UC Davis students have a history of violence or even if that matters and if they were dking anything illegal when the police used the pepper spray. I hope the young man’s injury heals, and am glad that pepper spray is, if I understand correctly, not metal-based like mace.
    Non-violent protest is valiant and risky business… as someone involved in protesting SPECTRA Oil Co’s plans for fracking along the East Coast who has also visited the OWC protests, I hope that the student organizers continue to be as sensible as it sounds like they were last night. If I were the chancellor, I would not want to have a male driver, but that’s just little old upstart me.

    • Syllepsis

      UC Davis students do not have a history of being violent. This campus is generally a very safe campus with very friendly people. There’s a reason UCD is rated as the 10th happiest Uni in the nation.

      Granted, what is shown here is everything but happy. :/

  21. Muddy

    Having spent some time on the UC Davis campus I can only say it may be the last campus in the country one would expect civil protest to become violent. Even after a vile respnse from police, these people kept their heads. I salute all involved. This the way it’s done.

  22. great work –

    bigger issue is why “campus police” have full riot gear and big guns. waste of resources meant for education. if riot gear and big guns are needed, it should be beyond the scope of “campus police”.

    • janik17

      One possible answer to this: Because of what happened at Virginia Tech.

      • Ike Hall

        Naah, freebies from Department of Homeland Security. They want militarized police forces all throughout America to crack down on protests that will only become more numerous as their powermongering becomes more blatant. Even a fool can see what is happening, unless the fool’s paycheck depends on his willful ignorance.

    • fahrender

      as, indeed, it proved to be.

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  24. Two things that struck me after viewing the video of Katehi as she (finally) walked to her car:
    — the absolute silence of the young people as they sat and watched her pass. Her footfalls were the only sound… and you can imagine she expected jeering and screaming but instead was met with dead silence.
    — the quiet, respectful tone of the journalist (?) as he questioned her about her plans to address the student and whether she felt threatened.

    Those two points did more to show me (and the rest of the world, one hopes) that this was not a campus of students run amok that needed to be subdued by the extreme means we all saw on YouTube recently.

  25. I am proud to see the massive restraint of the students. Most adults (well, many) would retaliate if sprayed; I would have surely considered it. I am glad that peace prevailed in SPITE of the police actions that could have caused a riot. I hope to see the chancellor resign or be removed if she was indeed behind the police action. The police themselves should have known this action was wrong and refused to harm these young citizens of our United States. I think our country is at a turning point; I hope it turns in the right direction.

    • One might wonder if there were forces that felt such grossly inappropriate action by the police was intended to elicit a violent response….thereby “proving” that these protesters are just an unruly mob.
      If such as this hasn’t happened yet…it may be something to watch out for.
      The behavior of these protesters was far more controlled and civil than I would have expected.
      The victims of this assault by the police might take some degree of consolation in the realization that each and every time authorities react with violence and arrests, the crowds become bigger and still more focused….extending the duration of the Occupy movement.
      On his new morning show this morning,(MSNBC) , Chris Hayes showed a graph indicating that the phrase, “income inequality” has recently appeared in the media in these two months some thousands of times more than the previous two months.
      That in itself is progress. It sure has Newt all bent out of shape. That’s even better progress.

  26. Lola-at-Large

    I see a bunch of white dudes trying to take out one of the few women in charge of universities in America. Notice they ARE NOT reacting the same way to the male head of Berkeley, whom these Davis students were purporting to be protesting in solidarity with.

    This whole thing smacks of white male entitlement. Direct your ire at the police if you must, but if you take out another woman, it will reflect badly on the movement itself, which reeks of white male privilege already.

    • Nawahine

      She enjoys white entitlement, $400,000 a year w$9000 car allowance and free housing, she failed. Calling in the riot police against her own student body, oblivious to what that can lead too also reeks of a very entitled place in society.
      If the male head of Berkeley needs to go Berkeley can handle it. This is about UC Davis and what happened there. Justice for the students and faculty….

      • Lola-at-Large

        Need I remind you that all women the world over hold less than 10% of the global wealth? Apparently I do….

      • Nawahine

        Do I need to remind you that when woman hold positions of power they need to use the power responsibly? apparently I do,

      • Seriously? So oppossing a woman in power because she misuses that power is just white patriarchy? I’m calling bullshit.

        Thankfully, I dont want to see anyone in a position of power, so I don’t have to deal with your odd quibles.

    • SomePeopleSeeWhatTheyWantToSee

      What tortured logic you have, Lola! If you didn’t see women protesters, then you aren’t looking for them. In the original video with the pepper spraying, you can see and hear female protesters. In this video, you can see and hear several women participating in the ‘human mic.’

      Yes, Katehi is a woman. But this does not make her immune to criticism.

      • CrankyOldMan

        Is it not obvious that “Lola” is a paid astro-turfer troll on this thread? Maybe if we ignore her, she won’t get paid, and will therefore go away?

    • Typical “angry feminist” rhetoric. The chancellor is not some oppressed, beleagued, abused house wife. She is a half-million-a-year-plus compensated administrator whose DUTY is to PROTECT the students, even students who are staging a non-violent, non-destructive protest. Instead she chose to slip the reigns off of the police and let them “handle” with the situation any way they chose.

      You want to cherry pick details from reality to support your anger and angst at the world; fine, but that’s not how it works. You have only succeeded in marginalizing and oppressing every single woman who was at that protest, participating in that protest, and/or injured in that protest by attempting to excuse the Chanellor’s failures to perform her duty and deflect attention away from this event. I understand what you’re saying those; it’s okay for a woman in power to fail to meet expectations because at some point in her life, she was probably victimized or oppressed by some male figure.

      You’re a joke.

  27. nolakat who dat

    Thoreau actually was arrested and put in jail. His friend , Ralph Waldo Emerson, bailed him out and said “What are you doing in here?!?!” and Thoureau replied, ” What are you doing out there?” (I think it had something to do with taxes that he felt were unjust). Congratulations students. The silence is deafening.

    • bilbo

      He was a war tax resister who opposed the decision to go to war with Mexico. He refused to pay the tax because the revenue would be used to kill Mexicans.

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  31. Anonymous Poster

    I hope she remembers that for the rest of her life.

    • fahrender

      you may be sure Chancellor K will remember, oh yes, remember, remember the 19th of November (or whatever day this happened.)

  32. tru bolt

    the ows movement is a circus. ows may have some good intentions, but there’s little to no focus, plan, etc. just anger, slogans on signs and the spewing of sophomoric garble. not much to build on. the only ones who actually think this farse is actually accompliching anything are the clones involved and or their sympathizers. the rest (the majority, myself included) of the country just sits back and watches them make utter fools of themselves, shaking their heads in bewilderment. grow up, quit crying and use all that wasted energy on something positive. you know, like perhaps looking for jobs? until then, thanks for the laughs ows, the country (and world) is watching.

    • Nawahine

      interesting perspective but not a valid argument, bankers and politicians are running scared so much so a high profile lobby has been consulted to put together a campaign costing around $84 million to discredit OWS the Washington lobby group wrote a three page letter pointing to the effectiveness of the campaign and the need to undermine it… You the majority do as you always do sit back and judge from your limited capacity to understand the depth of the crisis, you would rather hurl shallow comments from the safety of your arm chair.
      The world is indeed watching in support and hope that we turn this around.

      • dyannne

        You speak the truth Nawahine.

      • Also, the whole ‘go out an look for a job’ arguement really doesnt fly. I dont know the figures, but at least in england, we have much fewer jobs than we have people… its literally impossible for everyone to get a job. Although clearly your commentary comes from an armchair reactionary school of thought, so why I’m trying to explain basic sense to you I dont know…

    • Dear tru bolt,

      It is time to turn off Faux Noise, take your meds, and start reading something other than the republitard talking points.

    • fahrender

      keep laughing, “tru bolt.”

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  34. Jack Donahue

    The Chancellor needs to resign, the Campus Police Chief who put her “records clerk” Lieutenant in charge and then LIED about her officers acting in “self defense” needs to be removed from office, and Lieutenant “in charge” John Pike needs to be charged, arrested, and tried under the California Penal code before then losing everything he owns under numerous civil suits. Then, and ONLY then, will there be complete justice.

    • I missed the fall out from the pepper spraying until now. What’s this about lies and charges? If you have some links I would appreciate it. Some how I am not surprised in the least to hear cops lying about what really happened.

      Sort of explains why some states are trying so hard to make it illegal to video tape cops.

  35. Charlie

    “Tells Me She Didn’t Feel Threatened”

    By asking annoying questions of the Chancellor, you ruined the effect of the silence.

  36. E.L. Wisty

    What is the UC Davis policy on “Work From Home Days?”

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  38. tru bolt

    actually, it’s extremely valid. some people won’t see reality even if it hits them in the head like a hammer. ows is all talk, no substance. we all dream to see a better world, but without a plan, it’s dead in the water. bitching just to bitch is just bitching. certainly something should be done, but sitting and standing around shouting slogans, holding signs, blocking others rights only makes things worse for any movement. it’s infantile. this isn’t Egypt, Syria, etc. no one is holding a gun to anyone, etc. anyone has the right to make their way in this country if they strive hard and long enough, never giving up. no one has ever stopped anyone from doing that in this country. or no one would be rich, well to do, comfortable. good intentions doesn’t keep a roof over one’s head. not everyone has the ambition or the will to do better. they sit and complain at those who do. who doesn’t want to be rich, in the limelight, etc? true, some are born into it, but just as many aren’t and any had to start somewhere down the line. if I built a fortune, I’d be damned if I’d share it with anyone I didn’t chose to. and there isn’t anyone anywhere who’s being truthful who’d do it willingly either. this happens almost every generation. the changing of the guard. discontent with the status quo. it’s a part of life. so quit waiting for Publisher’s Clearing House and get your hands dirty. the likelihood of winning the lottery is very slim people. one day you’ll all look back and realize that and what a fool you were.

    • Nawahine

      Point proven, you preach from the safety of your arm chair without insight into the crisis or a clear understanding of those you ridicule and condemn.

      Yours is the mindset that entraps men’s souls….

    • Waldo

      Blah, Blah, Blah. I hope you don’t think you are one of the 1% or have a chance in hell of ever aspiring to be. Wake up!

      • Excellent article ! Merci d&suouo;évqqrer des clauses qui se trouvent difficilement documentées sur le web. Lors de la création de Pictarine, nous avons inclus pas mal de ces clauses directement dans nos statuts de SAS. Nous nous posons encore la question pour le pacte…

    • fahrender

      move right along, folks. nothing to see here. Sir “Tru Bolt” and the Chancellor have everything under control. Just trust them, do what they tell you to do and everything will turn out fine.

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  44. Having spent some time on the UC Davis campus I can only say it may be the last campus in the country one would expect civil protest to become violent. Even after a vile respnse from police, these people kept their heads. I salute all involved. This the way it’s done.

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  46. Not sure if it was posted here already, but several of the victims have filed a lawsuit. As well, this blog has got Lt. Pike’s work number on it, although as of this morning, Pike’s voicemail was full and he wasn’t returning any media calls.

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  49. Sanjiv

    UC Davis Chancellor should take responsibility and resign

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  52. The Total Silence displayed by the seemingly unbroken line of people lining the Chancellor route from her University off ice to her personal automobile at the parking lot was profoundly framed and gave full emphasized to the dastardly and sadistic actions of the police and in particular the ranking officer, who also performed the direct spraying at close quarters into the eyes, nostrals and eyes of the seated victimized students!

  53. Silence. What a strong, strong statement the video carries! We’re showing the world what WE THE PEOPLE can do to bring about the necessary changes that need to take place, through MASS SILENCE. Meet in every town square around the world and Stand in Silence.

    • Flocculent

      A friend of mine in the anti-war movement said, on seeing the ridiculous circus of the DC anti-war march in October 2002, that the only thing that those 100,000+ protesters could ever do to stop the war would be to silently march through America’s streets in lockstep, preferably all dressed alike as if in uniform. Instead we beat drums, carried puppets, and wore masks, as if begging to be dismissed for our lack of seriousness.

      UCD students may have just proven him right. The Board Room pucker factor just went up a notch or two.

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  57. Jimmy

    I was very impressed by the way the students remained silent and respectful, it was a fine tableau.

    I am somewhat less impressed by the occupy movement in general. It seems to be an expression of justifiable frustrations. But frustration alone will accomplish nothing, even if you turn it into a camp out. As of yet I do not see a path for the translation of this frustration into any concrete policy changes.

    A movements of this kind needs leaders to articulate the groups interests in a coherent manner. And to serve as interlocutors who can deal with those in power to help guide change.

  58. Adam

    I was expecting this to end with the driver getting pepper sprayed by police for not wearing a seat belt.

  59. John McCormick

    The brave and peaceful young people who are the OWS movement can become the founders and base for a new political movement. That should be the goal of the OWS movement. It will take a great deal of money, talent, volunteers and a lifetime of commitment to challenge the dems and repugs.

    If it does not happen in this decade, it will never happen. Too much hurt is coming at us. The thugs will snuff out any hope of an organized and non-violent return to democracy and equality in America.

  60. We honor those who have taken time out to express their opinions. Stand up for your rights. Sit down to be heard. We prepared an RFID music video message (Bulacard) to The President about the silent protest ( The lyrics are as follows:
    Bula President Obama, Occupy my mind with aloha. I sit down upon the ground to form the wall of silence. I watch the white car drive by for I can cry and let my dreams wash away. I have nowhere to go and no one’s to blame. We are in search of hope, today. She lost her way, upon the road, and I’m alone once again. Unable to disable the machine! The lunatics’ on the run. Remember what I’ve seen. Let it bleed UCD. I have nowhere to go, and no one’s to blame. We are in search of hope, today. She lost her way, upon the road, and I’m alone once again. No where to run, no where hide, no one to say goodbye, but I’m still alive. Occupy my mind with hope.

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  62. Anon


  63. In 2005, by daughter protested against Harvard’s President, Lawrence Summers,former treasury and World Bank lead economist secretary for making sexist remarks about the paucity of women in the highest levels of science and engineering. His very short term, as Harvard’ 27th President, was a result of his very poor judgement.
    Chancelor Katehi will end up leaving, too, due to her poor judgement.The faculty, alumni and student community won’t rest until she is gone.

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