Video: Michele Bachmann Serves Men Water During Religious Right Presidential Debate

Michele Bachmann serves the men water at the GOP's Iowa Family Leader debate.

Lost last Saturday amid all the news of pepper spray and “walls of shame,” there was a GOP debate in Iowa, hosted by free pizza huckster Bob Vander Platts and his anti-gay advocacy group, the Iowa Family Leader. At the beginning of the debate, Michele Bachmann performed an interesting act of walking around the table, pouring water for every man at the table. Perry, Paul, Gingrich, Santorum, Cain, and moderator Frank Luntz sat back as Bachmann displayed her domestic woman bonafides. Given the forum of the debate, of Christian dominionists and other far right evangelicals, the pandering might have made sense. It’s worth watching, however, to see the rigid gender roles. One question, if Bachmann won, would she continue to do this for her cabinet or other powerful men?:

LUNTZ: I want to begin by thanking Representative Bachmann for taking care of the water for today’s event.

BACHMANN: I’m used to it, Frank! [awkward laugh] I poured a lot of water in my time. […]

PERRY [holding his glass up for Bachmann]: Ohhh, thank you. Yes ma’am! […]

LUNTZ: And now I have to let the congresswoman get the first question because she just gave me water.

BACHMANN: Oh here. Okay! [hurries back to seat]

LUNTZ: Actually, Dr. Paul, I’d like to begin with you.

Luntz is a serial woman hater. But its weird to me to see how openly he disrespects Bachmann on stage.

Apparently, this part of the debate was not captured by the television cameras. PFAW caught it on the livestream.

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