Breaking Video: Students Denounce Katehi At General Assembly, Thousands Arrive On Quad

(I’m at UC Davis today covering the General Assembly, and whatever else happens. Follow me at @LHFang)

The UC Davis General Assembly began 20 minutes ago with speeches from several of the students hit in the face with pepper spray. There are thousands and thousands of students, alumni and Davis community members packing the quad. Some have stuck to denouncing police brutality and Chancellor Linda Katehi’s actions, others have recounted the many issues bringing everyone together for the larger movement. One of the speakers acknowledged the privilege of being students at a major university, and noted that poor people of color suffer from militarized police actions all the time, yet never receive such media scrutiny as those in Davis.

Here’s the first video of the day. Ian Lee, a freshman student, who was pepper sprayed on Friday, calling on Katehi to resign and for the university to reform itself:

More video to come. Katehi will address the crowd soon…


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5 responses to “Breaking Video: Students Denounce Katehi At General Assembly, Thousands Arrive On Quad

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  3. AC

    Linda Katehi is a coward and lacks leadership. I could barely understand her over her thick accent on KQED’s FORUM show that air 11/21/11. Does she even understand that basics of the right to assemble peacefully? She had no business ordering RIOT police for a non-violent gathering. What’s next, RIOT police and the next football game?

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