DC Metro Fan Grover Norquist Glides Up A Socialist Escalator

Just saw the 60 Minutes profile of Grover Norquist. Took a screen shot of this:

Thanks to billions in taxpayer investments, the Washington DC-area Metro system is awesome. It goes everywhere, including the suburbs, usually runs on time, and is open late. When I lived in DC, I actually spotted Norquist in the Metro once on his way to Woodley Park, and have wondered since how he excuses using such a socialist transit system.

The 60 Minutes profile was neat, but Steve Kroft didn’t bother to dig into Norquist’s corporate benefactors, or his long history of being a business lobbyist.

In May of 2010, I did a piece for ThinkProgress showing that he still partners with Altria (parent company of Phillip Morris) to conduct “anti-tax Tea Parties” to guard Altria against cigarette taxes.

For more on Norquist’s history of influence peddling, read this delightful rant from Republican Congressman Frank Wolf.


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8 responses to “DC Metro Fan Grover Norquist Glides Up A Socialist Escalator

  1. Jeff

    Yep, conservatives believe public transit is socialism. Excellence as usual, Lee.

  2. Joe

    This article is laughable in regards to: a.) the idea that you think the metro is good at what it’s supposed to do b.) your generalization that conservatives think public transit is socialism. Good one, Lee!

  3. A Milder Despot

    Is the escalator that Norquist is ascending there actually working? Because if so, it’s a miracle.

    And the fact that escalators are a unique problem to the DC metro system suggests that throwing taxpayer money at the wall doesn’t solve corrupt mismanagement by Democrat public officials.

  4. There’s a simple solution to evil government Metro systems: walk or take a cab.

  5. I know this is mind blowing and all, but Grover Norquist is not an anarchist.

    Have fun in your circle jerk comments section though!

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