Frank Luntz, GOP Consultant Behind Anti-Occupy Talking Points, Is Funded By Citibank, Bank of America

Frank Luntz

By now I’m sure you’ve seen Chris Moody’s article about Frank Luntz, the GOP’s message guru, and his talking points on how to combat Occupy Wall Street’s arguments. For a great analysis of the message, read Zaid Jilani and Joe Romm.

But here’s whats missing in the reporting of Luntz’s comments: According to his firm’s website Luntz is paid by Wall Street giants like Citigroup, Bank of America, Wachovia (now part of Wells Fargo), Swiss financial conglomerate UBS, Chase bank, and others. It’s even possible he’s recycling ideas he’s already given to firms like Citi.

Here’s the secret about Luntz. You may only him from his political endeavors. Of course, he famously helped write the Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America in 1994. You can find him awkwardly leading focus group sessions on Fox News. And every now and then, he will pop up to advise a Republican candidate or issue group. (Flashback! Here’s a video of me speaking to Luntz after meeting with GOP lawmakers at the height of the BP oil spill controversy)

Luntz’s political work, however, is small potatoes. As I understand it, from speaking to people who’ve known Luntz for years, Luntz does the high-profile, headline-grabbing crap to generate lucrative corporate contracts. That’s where the money is, and that’s how his polling firm apparently derives most of its revenues. If you really want to see how Republicans are messaging around OWS, find out what The Tarrance Group, McLaughlin & Associations, and Public Opinion Strategies Inc are telling Boehner and Cantor. That’s where the the high-end Republican advice comes from; but those firms, unlike Luntz, prefer the background rather than the spotlight. Luntz just wants more corporate contracts, and will do anything to publicize himself and pretend to be expert on something like sliming protesters. That way, a Goldman Sachs contract or whatever is more likely to land in his lap.


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7 responses to “Frank Luntz, GOP Consultant Behind Anti-Occupy Talking Points, Is Funded By Citibank, Bank of America

  1. The man is a lowlife and a rotten human being. He sells out on the future of his country in exchange for short term personal benefit! scum.

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  3. What I find odd and few people seem to talk about is HOW Mr. Lutz does his job. He doesn’t poll issues. He polls language. Words.
    Democrats poll ideas and issues, for the most part, and Republicans poll trigger words to get the reptilian brian activated to vote from fear or anger or whatever the lower emotion of the moment that they are trying to manipulate.
    Is Mr. Lutz a putz? Yes.
    But every word has emotional weight. Has meaning to the collective unconcious of the society. “Boot” has completely different meanings depending upon where in the English speaking world you come from. Not the same thing but you get the general idea. This polling goes deeper. Not necessairly into definitions but rather into emotional response. That is what he polls. That helps Republicans win. Dems could use the same strategy to fight them. They don’t.

  4. They generally use two words at a time to keep the message very simple. They are creating a two word culture i.e “Going Rouge” etc,etc.

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