Obama Will Face A Third Party Challenge Financed With Secret Hedge Fund Cash. Who Is The Mystery Candidate?

Americans Elect leader Doug Schoen

As we all focus our attention to President Obama’s reelection chances and the GOP nomination circus, a quiet challenge that threatens to completely shake up the 2012 race continues to grow day by day. Americans Elect, a third party effort financed by secret donors, including some in the hedge fund industry according to Tom Friedman, is on track to gain ballot access in all fifty states. (The group is using Arno Political Consultants, a group linked to scummy GOP voter fraud efforts. Arno is currently hiring an army of signature gathers via Craigslist to put Americans Elect on the ballot. I actually encountered one in Haight Ashbury over the summer, who told me she had no idea what “Americans Elect” was all about, but handed me a pamphlet with an endorsement quote from NYT’s David Brooks.)

Who will head the Americans Elect ticket? Its a mystery. The group, which is led by an elite right of center “bipartisan” set including Fox News’ favorite “Democratic” pollster Dough Schoen, says it will allow the public to vote online to select the ticket. There’s a catch: the public can only pick from candidates chosen by Americans Elect’s “Candidate Certification Committee.” Moreover, its impossible to tell if Americans Elect will have an Internet voting system that can’t be rigged some way or another.

If Romney fizzles out by mid-summer, or the GOP nominates someone who can’t possibly win the general election, Americans Elect may become Wall Street’s Plan B to defeat Barack Obama. Here’s my idle speculation on who they might put forward:

— New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

— New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

— New York York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

— Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

— Former Governor Howard Dean.

— Former Senator Evan Bayh.

— CIA Director David Petraeus.

I really tried thinking of a member of the House who could possibly run, but came up empty. Eric Cantor would make an interesting VP candidate. Congressman Mike Pence seems pretty sure about his intention to run for governor of Indiana, sadly. Donald Trump has hinted that he’d like to run as the Americans Elect nominee, so I guess he’s worth mentioning.

I chose Dean and Bayh as example of Democrats with a track record of selling themselves for a quick buck (Dean, through his work for terrorist group MEK and other shenanigans through his law/lobbying firm; Bayh, there are endless examples). Either Democrat would drain votes from Obama and ensure a Romney or Gingrich ticket limps by in states like Pennsylvania and Ohio.


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3 responses to “Obama Will Face A Third Party Challenge Financed With Secret Hedge Fund Cash. Who Is The Mystery Candidate?

  1. I believe America Elects is a front for the Chinese Government and the Walton Family to take over the Presidency, foreclose on the Big 6 banks and put Target out of business for good. A political party, and that is what America Elects is, that does not voluntarily reveal all of its donors has no business existing in a constitutional democracy. The MSM is doing its usual lousy job of reporting again, America Elects is going to be treated as some kind of new grass roots reform effort, when in reality it is another astroturf effort promoted by marketers and manipulators to exert control over that which the traditional political corporations are losing.

  2. Why, oh, why even try with the line-up listed above; as possible Third Party Presidential Candidates? Show some thought of whom already understands the Constitution and would live and govern in compliance and with honor to that document and has been exploring the possibliity of
    being Our Number One Employee.

    I should be happy “The Donald” was not the one and only super duper candidate being looked at!

    We need a person, that is educated either by formal schooling or tutorage and has actually labored with their own wit and back to support him or her selves properly. That person should bemindful of the real possibility that there is an Almighty Power within this Universe. Has a common sense to a level, they could sustain themselves for several months if stranded in a hostile environment. Be a student of History and Social Sciences and Common and Formal law. This list of qualifications has to be expanded and fine tuned for sure. Choosing by popularity or the sole ability to ‘poll-parrot popular slogans candidates must be shown the door, early!

  3. “Cream of the Crap” Mentality is a sure fire defacing of all that was formulated under Providence’s Guidance as well as a disrespect for all the individuals who both thought out, argued for and against and fought to establish this Republic! An the amount of disregard is shown for those who made that effort and either jeopardized their well-being or gave their life or limb in that struggle?

    Pray constantly with humility, that a person will be presented as an intelligent and moral leader for all of the Majority and the Minority!

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